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Telit acquires GainSpan to extend end-to-end IoT solutions reach 본문

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Telit acquires GainSpan to extend end-to-end IoT solutions reach

SteveKim 2017.03.07 10:23
Embedded WiFi 분야에서 선도 업체 중 하나인 Gainspan의 합병 소식 입니다.
Gainspan은 꾸준히 인수/합병 루머가 있기는 했는데, 결국에는 Telit이 가져갔네요...
Telit은 꾸준히 몸집을 키워온 M2M 통신 분야의 글로벌 밴더 중 하나로, 주로 Cellular, BLE, GPS, GNSS 등의 M2M 모듈들을 취급하고 있습니다.
국내 IoT 전시회에도 꾸준히 나오고 있었고, LTE-M, NB-IoT 분야에서 국내 통신사들(SKT, LGU+, KT)의 유력한 파트너이기도 합니다.

February 1, 2017

Telit acquires GainSpan to extend end-to-end IoT solutions reach

This is an exciting time for Telit as we add more capabilities and assets to our business.  Telit has entered into a merger agreement to acquire GainSpan Corporation. This marks a pivotal point for Telit, demonstrating our collective commitment to provide value-rich IoT solutions.  Telit will integrate the GainSpan business including engineering and support staff into Telit’s global organization, enhancing our IoT solutions offerings, R&D and tech support expertise. Our teams from both businesses stand ready to work with you to ensure a smooth transition as we begin the integration process. 

With GainSpan, Telit will look to deliver complete solutions for the growing market of battery powered devices, leveraging the ubiquity of Wi-Fi, and expanding Telit Short-range solutions to better address segments like building management, healthcare, smart home and cities, as well as enhancing the offering to existing customers, mainly in the telematics and security segments. The acquisition complements Telit’s existing products and services, which include cellular, BT/BLE and GNSS modules, IoT connectivity and IoT platform, providing Telit with all the necessary capabilities to enable our customer to build their IoT Solutions.
It is important for us to make a clear and fully committed statement that this integration will be smooth with no disruptions to your business.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact your usual sales, marketing, or support contact at either Telit or GainSpan.  We are also providing you a specific email address that you can use to communicate any questions or make any inquiries regarding the acquisition and the way forward. Please direct your questions to us via e-mail to:
We are extremely excited about the opportunities that will open as we integrate this special Wi-Fi technology into Telit. 

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